Scholarship as Spiritual Activism

The Institute for Spiritual Activism ascribes to the notion that Scholarship and Activism are interconnected in a dynamic dialectic that enhances both kinds of activity through supporting the development of the ‘reflective practitioner’ of social change. Scholarship as Spiritual Activism provides the inspirational and informational knowledge to generate energy for action. Activism as Scholarship provides the enacted word to be recognized, aprreciated and reflected upon for the purpose of creating a more just, sacred and sustainable world.

The Institute for Spiritual Activism provides intellectual, academic, social and political support for all types of creators and illuminators of knowledge about the relationship between spiritituality and the creation of the better world to which we aspire. Our community of scholars is both formal and informal, one can be a formal Scholar-in-Residence/Core Scholar, Affiliated Scholar or simply join the conversation at one of our events, at the Recognition Cafe or participate online.

Institute for Spiritual Activism Scholarly Work

Peter Gabel

Book: The Bank Teller and other essays on the Politics of Meaning

Selected other Recent Essays:

“The Presence of Living Organisms”

“A Call for Sacred Biologists”

“Critical Legal Studies as a Spiritual Practice”

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