Drums for Solar

Drums for Solar is an innovative project that is collaborating with small West African villages to create stand-alone energy systems. In many parts of the world, remote communities exist without electricity. These communities could greatly benefit from self-sustainable alternative energy technologies. While maintaining the ecological balance of these rural communities, solar energy systems can be applied to sustain critical life essentials, such as a small health clinic.

Drums For Solar is a not for profit corporation that is currently in the process of brokering an agreement with the village of Karemgumbe, in the country of Mali, in west Africa. And future plans for developing two more pilot sites for these goals to materialize in the West African countries of Senegal and Mali. By maintaining cultural sensitivity, Drums for Solar can learn from projects that have failed in the past and successfully place solar projects. Grants and in-kind donations are being researched and solicited which can potentially finance the installation of small photovoltaic systems designed to create electricity which can power vaccine refrigeration, pump clean water from deep wells, lighting, communications, water purification, income generation, and irrigation. These pilot sites will serve as a “home base” to provide training for installations and maintenance of solar energy projects for surrounding sites as Drums for Solar expands their project goals.

Bruce Rhodes: DFS Co-Founder, USA;
Had a dream to help people empower themselves through the use of the sun in exchange for their cultural crafts.
bruce at drumsforsolar dot net
skype: malibruce2

Sounkalo Dembele: DFS Co-Founder, Mali;
Educator and program director.
sounk11 at yahoo dot com

Kanjouler Couloube: DFS Host, Mali;
Malian Artisan from the village of Karemgumbe.


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